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December 2017
HKIF - Högskolan Kristianstad IF Kristianstad

HKIF - Lucia Soccer Tournament 2017

It's finally time for the annual Lucia Soccer Tournament!
Earlier years have been much appreciated and we hope to make it even better this year.


- Participate -
* For participating in the tournament you have to register a team composed of 5-8 players.
* 50% of the teammembers needs to be either HKR Students or HKIF members.
* Contact Bobby Önnhagen on Facebook for questions
You need a name for the team and the names of all team-members.
* Register your team before 6th of December, we have a limited number of spots. (A draw of the groups and schedule to come the week before the tournament).
* Every team needs a team captain. Responsible for registration, information and so on.
* The cost per team is 250 sek.

- Rules -
* Each game is 2x4 minutes.
* 1 keeper and 4 fieldplayers on the field.
* Coinflip, the winner decide either ball or side.
* Kickoff after a goal is conceded.
* Every team is allowed to take 1 timeout (30 sec) per game.
* Sliding-tackles are not allowed.
* Use common sense.

* The keeper is only allowed to possess the ball once (one time counts when the ball leaves his feets) until the opponent have touched the ball or its dead.
* If the goalkeeper takes a freekick it counts as a touch
* If the keeper touch the ball twice, the opposing side gets a indirect freekick from the position where the pass occured.

* If the ball hits the sealing the opposing side gets a freekick at the closest sideline
* If the ball passes the sideline, the opposing team has 4 seconds to take the sideline freekick to start the game.
* If the ball passes the goalline, the keeper has 4 seconds to throw the ball to start the game.
* Sideline freekicks are not allowed to go directly into goal.

- Penalty -
* Two yellow cards results in a red card.
* Red card: If a player gets a red card, he/she get sent off, and is not allowed to continue in the game.
* If a member of the team receive a red card, you are not allowed to replace him/her.
* If a player gets an instant red card, he/she will also get 1 matchban.

- Extra time -
* Can only be acquired during the playoffs.
* There will be 3 min of extra time if a playoff game ends as draw.
* ET is played 3vs3 instead of 4vs4
* Golden Goal
* If the game isn't decided after the extra time, the outcome wil be decided with a penalty shootout. .
* Penalty shootout: Each team gets 3 penalties. It we have a tie at that point, sudden death-penalties will decide the outcome.

- Equipment -
* Goalkeeper gloves
* Indoor shoes
* Uniform kit (keeper different colour)
* Captain's armband

* The team must arrive 10:30 (last checkin 10.45) and check in, otherwise their team will be excluded from the tournament.
* There is no refund if the team doesn't show up.
* It is important to remember that the tournament is for fun. Verbal and/or physical assault will not be tolerated in any way.
* No alcohol is allowed in the hall!
* Attend and share


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