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Mars 2018

Pinball Competition

Welcome to Kristianstad's monthly competition on March 16, 2018.

It worked well in January to have a side contest on Classic and since I run monthly contest every two months we also do so this time. Hopefully, the Classic Games have got their own room until the 16th.

Time: 17:00 - 24:00, main start 18:00.
Location: Lyckans väg 45.
Starting fee main: 100 kr.
Starting fee side: 50 kr.
Maximum number of participants: -

Easier consumption and drinks for sale. Of course it is okay to bring your own snacks and drinks.

Beginners and people who want to try are welcome.

Enter in comment below with name and TAG.

No violence is tolerated on the games.

Qualifying main competition will be match game, everyone will meet everyone. If we become more than 16, we split into two groups.

Side tournament will be best score 3-3-3 contest, only on Classic games. Of five games, choose three, make three tries with three balls on each try. The two best attempts will count. The four best players go straight to final, the rest are placed after the qualifying score.


Probable line-up is available here;

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